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Need a room that can change with your needs? We've got it! Combine our Virgo Wall Bed with TV Stand and Fireplace, our Delphinus Expandable Table and some Cubes for the ultimate whole-room solution.

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From a cozy evening for two to a dinner party for ten, we have everything you need to entertain in style. We design our multifunctional furniture to coordinate, so you can create whole-room solutions that let you live life on your terms.


Why have furniture that just sits there when you can have so much more? Our Virgo Wall Bed, TV Stand, Cubes, Delphinus Expandable Table and Chrome Foldable Chairs work together so you have space to live your best life.

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What is Xtraroom?

Xtraroom is a new way of thinking about furniture. We are a company that removes the limits of your space to make room for the life you want ⎯ and deserve ⎯ to live. Whether you are an urban dweller, a down-sizer or an efficiency seeker, we make it easy to transform your space to fit your lifestyle.

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