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Who we are


We’re a team with over 90 years combined experience in the furniture industry.  We’ve been manufacturers, importers, distributers, wholesalers and retailers.  We know the industry and how it works, and we know furniture! 


Over the past few years we’ve grown tired of designing and developing “me too” products that have pre-determined price points and margins, and differ only in color and materials.


We’ve watched every industry being forced to change, and wondered when and how that would affect the furniture business. 


When we came to terms with the fact that the industry is going to change, we decided to get in front of the wave and BECOME the force that initiates the movement, rather than reacting to it when it happens.


And now we’re inviting you to be part of the movement!


The Movement!


Lifestyles are changing.  People are moving into smaller spaces, or are using their current spaces differently that a few years ago.  Micro apartments are the trend for millennials, while the elderly are actively downsizing their space.  Housing costs make moving more difficult and costly.


The trends in urbanization, Tiny Homes and micro apartments are no longer fads.  They’re the new reality.  For most of these consumers, custom furniture is the only solution available to create a multifunctional space.  No longer!  XTRAROOM has the products that solve these issues!


In short people are changing the way they live, and the furniture they need will need to keep pace with those changes.  XTRAROOM allows them to use their spaces in ways they never dreamed of, and solves the problems associated with smaller space living. 


The Products


In response to this movement, our designers have developed a series of new products that combine the traditional look and feel of everyday furniture, but that contain innovative thinking in terms of storage and maximizing space. 


Multifunctional furniture is the trend of the future, and Xtraroom is the pioneer in that trend.  From beds that move out of your way when not in use, to rooms that transition from a living space for couples, to a party space or even a guest room in minutes!


Xtraroom products focus on the way we currently live with embedded power sources for portable electronics and features for tablets and laptops.  These items work in the modern world.


Best part is that by joining our team, you get first access to our new products as we roll them out every season!


No more Showrooming!  Even though our products are available directly online, we want to work with our retail partners!  Become a dealer and we’ll create a coupon code that you can give to your customers.  They can save $25 when they order online, and we send you a % of the margins! 

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