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About Us

Xtraroom is a new brand launched by four industry veterans with over 100 years combined furniture experience, predominantly with TechCraft a Canadian company with expertise in manufacturing and global sourcing. Highly regarded as an OEM resource, TechCraft specializes in all types of ready-to-assemble furniture; however, it is best known for its wall beds and TV stands, which are sold at retail throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and UK.

As demand for the company’s wall beds grew, so did the team’s interest in multifunctional furniture. Through a collaboration with HGTV designer, Chip Wade, whose inventive ways of redefining spaces earned an Emmy, the company is creating innovative whole-room, space-saving solutions under the name Xtraroom.



The initial Xtraroom collections are just a taste of the ingenuity that lies ahead. We are creating innovative, multifunctional solutions to fill every room. From indoor to outdoor, our innovative furniture is designed to give you space for the life you want⎯and deserve⎯to live. We thoughtfully design each piece to ensure the highest level of quality. That means it is built for ease, comfort, and durability, all while turning heads with its stylish good looks.

With trusted expertise in all areas, from design and development, to customer service, warehousing, logistics and marketing, we are dedicated to supporting and servicing all your Xtraroom needs. We invite you to journey with us as we remove the limits of a room and give you space to live, work, and play on your terms.

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