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Best Murphy Bed with Desk

Best Murphy Bed with Desk

We are super excited to have been featured in the recent Better Homes and Garden's article "The Best Murphy Beds of 2024 to Save You a Ton of Space." We were listed as the Best Murphy Bed with Desk! Space-saving furniture is our passion, and we couldn't be more proud of our design. Thank you BHG! We truly appreciate the shout out and hope that your readers agree.

Here's an excerpt:  

Murphy bed with desk folding bed hidden hideaway pull down cabinet diy murphy bed kit


View On Wayfair: $3,750
Why You Should Get It: The desk portion always remains flat so you don’t have to move your laptop or books.
Keep in Mind: The desk surface may not be enough space for some, and the bed only comes in one color.

Ideal for a studio apartment or a room that doubles as both a guest room and home office, this Murphy bed is designed with functionality in mind. When it’s being used as a desk, the three panels have the appearance of cabinets, and the curved desk sides look chic and stylish.

When it’s time to shift the desk into a bed, you don’t have to go through the hassle of packing up—it always maintains its orientation. A potential downside could be the size of the desk, which may not be substantial enough for those who require a more elaborate office setup.

The surface of the desk in the queen size is about 17 inches deep and 55 inches wide. Several of the Murphy beds on our list come in multiple finishes, but this one is only available in white. Made from solid and manufactured wood, this bed also comes with a one-year warranty.

Whether you purchase the full-size bed or queen-size bed, keep in mind the 94-inch ceiling clearance you need to bring the bed down. This is the floor clearance you should expect as well. The bed doesn’t come with a mattress, so you should plan to purchase one separately.

You can read the full article HERE.


This model is also available on our site in both full and queen sizes and well as in a White or Walnut finish. If you need to add storage to your space, there is also an option to add one or two side cabinets. You can find those under Murphy Beds with Storage.

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Queen murphy bed with desk diy muprhy bed kit hidden bed wall cabinet murphy desk

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Coventry queen murphy bed with desk hidden hideaway folding pull out murphy desk bed combo



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