About Us

Xtraroom is a brand launched by four industry veterans with over 100 years
combined furniture experience, predominantly with TGD, a Canadian company
established in 1987 with expertise in manufacturing and global sourcing. Highly
regarded as an OEM resource, TGD specializes in all types of ready-to-assemble
furniture; however, it is best known for its Murphy beds and TV stands, which are
sold at retail locations throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and UK.

We are a company that creates furniture for the way you want – and deserve – to
live. Furniture that changes with your needs, be it an impromptu dinner party or an unexpected guest.

As you get to know us, you’ll soon discover that functionality isn’t our only concern. We thoughtfully design each piece to ensure the highest level of quality. That means it is built for ease, comfort and durability, all while turning heads with its stylish good looks.

We invite you to venture with us beyond the confines of four walls and enjoy
furniture that allows you to live life to the fullest.

Why We Made This
The Xtraroom Solutions

Do you ever wonder why rooms are built for only one purpose? We do. In fact, that is the reason we created Xtraroom.

Our desire for multipurpose space led us on a search for multifunctional furniture
that was easy to assemble, simple to use, stylish and durable. We found a couple
pieces that ticked some of our boxes, but none that provided the high quality,
affordable, whole-space solution we were seeking.
Instead of opting for furniture that didn’t fully meet our needs, we decided to design and build our own. Thus, Xtraroom was born. Our Murphy beds are the first in a full line of transformational furniture that removes the limits of a room and gives you space to live, work, and play on your terms.

Multi Function furniture
Your room serves more than one purpose and Xtraroom furniture does as well. Each piece is tastefully designed to serve multiple functions for your best life. 

A Focus On Smaller Living Spaces 
As the prices of homes rise dramatically, there is a worldwide trend towards smaller living spaces and maximizing every bit of square footage. Let’s face it, an extra 200 square foot of living space would be a benefit to all of us, so instead of paying thousands of dollars more in rent or mortgage payments, Xtraroom allows you to make better use of the spaces you do have.