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Introducing the most innovative bed to come to market in years. The Cambridge RoomBed has a modern upholstered headboard and footboard with a steel frame and euroslate supports. The bed can accomodate up to a 12-inch mattress. When you want to reclaim that floor space for exercise, work, play, etc, the RoomBed's patented quad-piston engine allows the bed to be easily lifted completely up and out the way, so you can make the most of your home's square footage. You don't need another room, you need a Roombed!

Reclaim Your Bedroom's Square Footage and Create a Multifunctional Haven!

Regardless of how you use the space, you won't believe how big your room feels when the bed is lifted up and out of your way. Want a home gym, playroom, or maybe even a place to record the latest TicToc dance? The RoomBed makes it possible in the room you already have!

Bed Up

Bed Down


See It In Action

12-inches of Clearance Under the Bed

You don't have to think about where to store items like exercise equipment or your kids toys. With 12 inches of clearance under the bed, you can leave those things right where they are without having to put them away or worry about stepping on them. They neatly tuck under the bed, ready to use whenever you are.

Your Bedroom Becomes a Multifunctional Space Within Moments

With the assistance of it's 2 stage quad-piston engine, the RoomBed easily lifts up and out of the way when you want to use the space for another activity. No struggling required!

Magnetic Whiteboard for anything from playtime to online presentations

When the bed is lifted, the magnetic whiteboard that is underneath the bed offers even more functionality to your space. Hang up fitness (or kid's) posters, track your workouts, enhance online presentations, or even let the kids go crazy coloring and practice spelling with letter magnets.

Get a Comfortable Night's Sleep Using a Mattress of Your Choice.

The RoomBed can accomodate most mattresses up to 12-inches thick. This means you are free to choose the mattress style, firmness, and price point that works within your budget. You don't have to compromise on comfort to have a multifunctional space.

Euro Slats for Comfort and Support

The RoomBed mattress support system uses a Euro Slat design with curved wood slats that provide support where you need it. No boxsprings required.

Installation is a Breeze

The RoomBed's steel frame easilly attaches to the wall with simple screws into the wall studs.

Technical Information

Minimum Ceiling Height


Weight Limit

1000 lbs.

Included Components

Headboard, footboard, steel frame, euroslats, pistons, and magnetic white board.

Mattress Thickness

Up to a 12-inch thick mattress


Assembly required

Warranty Type

5 year warranty against manufacturing defects