What A Difference!

Used in the master or a guest room, the Roombed allows you to take back the space under the bed and repurpose it for something other than sleeping. All of a sudden, your bedroom becomes a home gym, playroom, or work space without needing to do anything other than lift the bed out of the way. Better yet, you don't even have to put away the treadmill or the toys when you're done with them. They can stay under the bed until the next time you want to use them. Your bedroom can revert back to a sleep haven in just moments.

You don't need another room in your home, you need a RoomBed!

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Mulitifunctional Made Easy

Regardless if it's in a guest room or the master bedroom, you can now reclaim the space normally reserved for the bed and easily repurpose it for another activity. Whether it's for exercise, play, work, etc, your room can now be more than just a place to sleep.

Chaos To Calm In Seconds

With 12" of clearance under the bed, your folding treadmill, collapsable bench and weights, yoga equipment, childrens toys, etc will be easily accessible when needed but out of site and out of the way when you want to sleep. No need to step on another toy again! Just tuck them under the bed and safely forget about them.

Magnetic White Board

Whether you like having a place to plan and track your workouts, need a way to give presentations when working from home, or just like to let the kids have fun coloring and playing with magnets, the included magnetic whiteboards adds another layer of functionality to the RoomBed.

Headboard Options To Suit Your Style


A more contemporary design for the steel frame headboard and footboard in a flat back finish.


The classic look for the steel frame headboard and footboard in a flat black finish.


A transitional style headboard that combines the black steel with warm wood accents.


A modern upholstered headboard and footboard in a durable beige colored fabric.